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Since its launch in early July, Pokémon Go seems to be everywhere—on your phone, in the news and in your neighborhood. But, have you thought about bringing the trending game into your business? Here are three ways you can take advantage of the Pokémon craze to gain new customers.

1. Find out if your business is a Pokémon gym or PokéStop.

To take advantage of the Pokémon craze, you need to first establish whether or not your business is a Pokémon gym or PokéStop. A gym is a place where players, called trainers in the app, can battle their Pokémon against each other. A PokéStop is a location where players can pick up items to help them play the game.

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The easiest way to find out if your business is tagged on the map is to download the app and check your GPS location. If your business is tagged on the app, you’ll see a photo of your business or nearby landmark that looks like the image below.

If you aren’t a stop and want to be, you can make a request to Niantic, the game’s developer, here.


2. Use lures to drive traffic.

In Pokémon Go, a lure is a device that attracts Pokémon to a specific location for a half hour at a time. If you are located near a PokéStop or not on the app, dropping a lure will bring app users to your business. Since lures cost between 50 cents and a dollar, they are a cost-effective way to find new customers, especially if you have a booth set up outside with information or a giveaway when you drop the lures.


3. Offer a Pokémon trainer challenge.

If your business is located near a Pokémon gym or PokéStop, offer a challenge to the Pokémon trainers when they stop by. It can be as simple as asking them to practice a specific movement or giving them a sneak peek at what a workout at your business looks like. You could give everyone who drops by a free class, but rewarding Pokémon trainers who successfully complete your challenge with a more valuable prize like a free personal training session will help convert walk-by traffic into new customers.


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