Adding Perkville to your business is exciting! The excitement spreads to your clients and they are quick to onboard and engage in the gamification your business has provided. But what if you have been using Perkville for a few years? Are you keeping the excitement going for your clients?

Here are three tips to “freshen” up your reward program and keep your clients engaged and motivated to frequent your business.

Change Your Rewards

Your rewards do not need to be a constant. You can offer new and fresh rewards each month. Rotate your rewards quarterly or add a new reward each month while temporarily turning off another. Changing the rewards encourages clients to use their points more frequently in case that reward “disappears” and it motivates them to save towards a reward that was just added. These rewards do not need to be huge nor do they need to cost you money. Keep it exciting with karma or charity points that can be donated to others. Add a new retail item like a logo sticker, lanyard or bracelet. Or include a different service or discount for a service that was not featured on the rewards before. Changing the rewards can offer a new look to your program.

One of my clients recently removed the reward that was costing her business the most.  She felt trapped to keep the reward there so as not to disappoint her customers. With the click of a button the reward was removed. Now she feels that she can offer better rewards that cost her business less.

Change Ways to Earn

These earnings can evolve just like the rewards. Increase the points for one earning method for a month, or add a double point opportunity, or even add a new way to earn. Perhaps you are trying to encourage pre-booking and earn points for booking online. Or maybe you are trying to drive retail sales and offer points for dollars spent. You can add points for bringing in someone new through a referral drive. Then promote these exciting ways to earn which then motivates your clients to engage in your reward program.

Another one of my clients was trying to ramp retail sales.  She added a point for each dollar spent on retail, and added a reward for 10% off retail for 500 points.  She used this as her advertising platform when new retail arrived. Sales increased dramatically.

Add Marketplace Opportunities

This is an amazing way to market your business and to add variety to your rewards. First, add your business to the marketplace to promote your intro offer. Other businesses in the area can then cross promote your services. This equals FREE advertising. Second, ask businesses to join the Perkville Marketplace so that you can feature their business and have a greater variety of reward options. This is a win-win opportunity. The Perkville Marketplace is FREE for all businesses.

Perkville businesses are seeking out their local coffee shops, juice bars and clothing stores to add to their list of rewards.  Who are you seeking out?

Be sure to keep changing things up in your reward program. We cannot expect a reward program to flourish and grow if we do not work on it monthly. If one of your business goals is member retention there is no greater way to improve retention than to keep your program fresh!

About Crystal Zakaluzny

Located in Canada, Crystal Zakaluzny is a MINDBODY Certified Business & Software Consultant with numerous years of hands on experience in the fitness industry. Crystal specializes in retention and creating a successful sales process as well as optimizing the MINDBODY program for any fitness or wellness business. She will work with you to achieve a level of financial organization to create opportunities for you, and your business, to flourish. Book a Perkville consultation today.