Katy Henderson

Recently we spoke with three fitness businesses about how they are connecting with customers during the COVID19 epidemic. Today we bring you another story from Katy Henderson, the founder of Studio South in Williamsburg, Virginia. Katy shares her tips below for keeping customers engaged during this difficult time.

We understand you are using Zoom for online classes. Please tell us more about it.

Zoom live classes, on-demand classes through MINDBODY’s media management (some are professionally done and others are the recordings of the Zoom classes), our business Facebook page, our private members only Facebook page, email, text and at this point maybe I'll start some smoke signals.  It's such a double edged sword. We have to be very conscious of not overwhelming and not triggering someone to freeze their membership. We offer more than 20 virtual live streaming classes each week and are coming up with all sorts of additional content. We are also inviting friends who teach across the nation to join us for guest classes.  Next week we’ll launch a 30 day challenge for students to practice, meditate, and stay hydrated daily.

How are your customers enjoying the online service?

The response has been tremendous!  Of course we’re experiencing the normal new technology stumbles but so far so good.

Members can still participate in rewards. How are you keeping track of Perkville points for attendance?

We have an ambassador in each class.  This would normally be the person at the front desk greeting and checking in so why not have one on Zoom!  They check everyone in prior to class.

How is the studio promoting online classes and rewards during this time?

Social media, our website and emails to members. We are starting a 30 day challenge on Monday and using the Stay Safe Feature on Perkville to have Challengers check in that they have completed their daily challenge. This is an easy feature to add in and hold ourselves accountable!

Do you have any advice for other studios for using Zoom?

Find some sort of mic for the instructor, come up with best practices and specific guidance for your team to keep the virtual experience as consistent as your in-studio experience.

Anything else you'd like to add about how your business is dealing with COVID19 that may help other studios?

Like everyone we’re taking lots of deep breaths.  There have been a couple times that I have really wondered if I'm approaching things the right way and in those moments I remember all of the students who have reached out saying that what we are doing is helping to keep them sane!  Now is a good time to return to our personal “why” for doing what we do in the first place

About Studio South

Studio South is where yoga and barre meet Southern Hospitality.  They have been open for more than 7 years and exist to help the community optimize themselves through the practice of yoga and the real approach they take with it.