We love hearing about how our customers are using Perkville – especially when it makes their business more successful and their customers happy.

Since October, we've followed the marketing techniques and loyalty antics of Premier Yoga & Fitness, a studio based in Mansfield, Texas.

After just 100 days with Perkville, Premier Yoga & Fitness's loyalty program is already showing an adoption rate of around 50%. Their launch techniques and their Perkville program worked together to achieve this awesome stat. We chatted with Phillip Henslee, co-owner of Premier Yoga & Fitness, on the launch of his program and some trends he's already seeing from his clients.

When did you start your Perkville rewards program?

We started using Perkville right out of the gate. We began the planning and preparation to open Premier in early September of this year. I learned of the Perkville program through the MINDBODY website. From the start I liked the concept, and thought it would be a nice benefit for our future customers. We launched Perkville after our soft opening on October 16th of last year.

How long did it take you to prepare? What did you do to get ready for launch?

I had my first call with Geoff (in sales) on September 7th. Two days later, our account was set up on Perkville and we began the configuration. This left me thirty-seven days before our soft opening to begin the design of collateral and create content on our website to promote Perkville.

How did you get your members to sign up?

The three primary methods we use to promote Perkville are email marketing, our website, and our Mindbody Engage app. I think for anybody with an Engage App, Perkville is a perfect fit. Our plan from the start was to leverage the Engage App, so Perkville already having that integration really made our job easier.

What do your members think so far?

So far, I think it has been well received. We have seen some competitive behavior among our customers, and they are having fun earning points. Our most popular Perk is a bottle of water for 25 points. Customer are cashing in on that one everyday.


Is there anything in your rewards programs that you feel is missing?

At this time I can’t say that there is something missing, but there is room for improvement, both in Perkville and our own promotion of Perkville.

Premier Yoga & Fitness is a great example of a studio making the most of their rewards program through online and in-person marketing. From dedicated landing pages and emails to pamphlets and banners in their studio, they've integrated Perkville into their entire customer experience – and are seeing high adoption numbers because of it.

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