Recently, we opened up the possibilities with rewards. We saw the need for businesses to offer more than free merchandise or services to their customers – both as an incentive for your customers to participate in your rewards program and to alleviate any front desk work that comes with processing redemptions.

Now, Perkville customers can integrate Yiftee into their rewards opportunities in time for the January health club rush. This integration enables members to cash in their Perkville points for Yiftee eGifts, which can be used at their own stores or at any of Yiftee's 55,000 active businesses, including restaurants, spas, boutiques, entertainment, health and fitness establishments, and more.

How Does It Work?

By integrating with Yiftee, you can reward their customers with eGifts, which are digital – always with your customers on their mobile phones.  Additionally, Yiftee’s unique eGift system includes “mobile reminders,” which give Perkville customers an additional opportunity to reinforce their brand to members.

Basically, your customers and Perkville users would have the option to cash in their points for eGift cards from Yiftee. This leads to less hands-on work for your front staff, greater options for your customers and less inventory tracking in your business.

Who's Using Yiftee and Perkville?

Perkville customers are already taking advantage of this new offering. The Yiftee integration is currently live at over 150 Retro Fitness Clubs across the U.S.  

"The integration of Perkville (our reward system) and Yiftee (our reward provider) has resulted in some very happy customers. The same great system that allows our members to track and redeem their points for good behavior and spending is now partnered with Yiftee’s eGift cards which not only give our members instant gratification with the prize they really want (gift cards), but they also benefit our franchisees, enhance reporting and act as a huge improvement to our brand.” says Robbie Sprechman, CFO of Retro Fitness Clubs.

Gyms and fitness studios aren't the only ones that can take advantage of an integration with Perkville. If you're looking to offer more rewards to your customers – while also making it easier for your employees to process redemptions – then add some Yiftee gift cards to your reward opportunities.

Are you using Yiftee? Let us know how it's going in the comments below.