elements®fitness and BalanceDiet™ are award-winning international franchise brands, based in Miami, Florida.

elements® founder Christopher Palumbo commented, “With this new rewards system, we can better showcase the lifestyle nature of our brands. Important “good” behaviors, such as generating referrals or buying products are rewarded easily. Members can easily track their accounts, and redeem points for meaningful purchases, such as personal training, branded products, higher-ticket retail items or more. ClubReady software integration makes incorporating this new program a breeze.

“We had researched many programs before making a final selection, and are very pleased with the management and philosophy of Perkville™.  We wanted an easy to use solution, which could be integrated into all of our locations worldwide.  It was immediately adapted by the club teams and members, who have become very excited about it
.”  The feeling is mutual.

“We are proud to work with the best of the best in the fitness industry.  It’s great when a service can improve business outcomes and encourage exercise at the same time,” commented Sunil Saha, co-founder of Perkville.