Perkville sends automated emails on behalf of businesses to facilitate their loyalty program.  For example, when a customer earns points Perkville sends them an email notification showing the points they earned, their new point balance and the rewards they can redeem.  These emails are branded for the business for whom Perkville is hosting the loyalty program.  

Customer replies to these emails currently go to Perkville customer support.  This has led to confusion because usually customers expect that their reply is going to the business for whom the email is being sent.  As a result, Perkville support staff often get customer questions or complaints about issues unrelated to the loyalty program such as a problem in the gym or an issue with a purchase.  

Perkville customer support forwards these issues to the business but this can result in a delayed response to the customer.  To remedy this situation we’ve added the ability for businesses to set support email addresses at both the business and location level. These support emails will be used as the reply-to values in emails to customers.  A support email entered at the location level will take precedence over the business level support email.  

Emails associated with staff members of any role can be used as a support email.  We have created a new staff role called “Email Only” for email addresses that do not represent a real staff member such as support@[yourbusinessname].com.  Staff members with this new role cannot visit any staff pages on Perkville.  This new role enables you to use group emails such as the support@[yourbusinessname].com without giving anyone that has access to that email address the ability to look up customer data in Perkville.  

We’re excited to help businesses better respond to their customers with this new feature.  Learn more about how to set this up here.