Whether you're a marketing guru or a design fanatic, you know that the look and feel of an email newsletter can directly affect your customers' engagement with your content.

That's why we put together three downloadable email templates that are proven to help increase your click through rates.

Announcing a New Program at Your Business

One of the most important emails you can send to your customers is one that explains how a new addition to your business works. For example, if you're adding a rewards program to your business in 2017, you'll want to send an email to your customers explaining how it works, what they can do to earn points, and what they can redeem those points for.

This email helps you accomplish just that – showcasing your new program and how it'll help both your business and your customers' lives.

Sending Out a Biweekly or Monthly Newsletter

To keep your customers engaged, it's important to remind them about the going-ons happening at your business. Sending out a biweekly or monthly newsletter can help you show off any workshops, special events, blog posts or new offerings you're introducing in your business.

If you're a gym, yoga studio or retail location, we've customized these templates to fit your business needs, with several choices to choose from. Download all of the templates below and start your 2017 email marketing off right.