When you’re looking to spread the word about your rewards program – whether you’ve launched or not – it’s best to get information in front of your customers where they are: at your business.

Posting reminders about your rewards program can help you increase customer adoption and engagement. That said, marketing your rewards program is probably lower on your list than, say, marketing your actually product or service.

That’s why we created easily editable Canva flyers that both announce your rewards program and explain how it works for your customers.

Here’s how to get your own.

1. Open the editable rewards program flyer in Canva.

You’ll need to make a Canva account, but we swear it’s worth it.

2. Insert your business logo at the bottom of both pages.

Or just one if you're looking for a single flyer. You can do this by deleting our placeholder (click and hit delete) and uploading your logo to Canva. You can drag your logo file into the left hand side of the screen, or click on the Upload button and choose a file from your computer that way.

3. Add your business name to the top of both pages.

Again, or just one if you only want one flyer. For the first flyer, you can do this by deleting our placeholder (click and delete) and using the text tool to add in your business name. Click on the “Earn Rewards at” textbox, click enter, and type in your business’s name.

In the second flyer, simply click on the text box and replace the red line with your business’s name.

4. Add your website

Throw your website into the marked spot on the second flyer. This will help direct your customers to learn more about your rewards program. Just click on the text and edit. You can also change the color of the text using the color selector in the top bar.

5. Change up the colors to fit your brand

This part is totally optional, although we do recommend aligning your flyers with the look and feel of your branded rewards program. To change colors, click on the various components of the flyer currently in Perkville green. Once you click on a colored component, you can head to the left corner of the top bar to select a color. Use the color selector or input one of your brand’s hex codes in the box, and click enter.

To change the color of some text components, simply click on the text as highlight the words that you’d like to change. The color selector appears in the top bar between other formatting options.


You can also change up fonts by click on the text and choosing a font from the dropdown menu.

Once you’ve edited the Canva document to reflect your brand’s colors, fonts and logo, you can save the flyer as a PDF and download it straight to your desktop, all for free. You can also save these flyers as JPGs to use in your social media or on your website.

Want more ways to showcase your rewards program? We also created these editable email banners and posters to help you spread the word.

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