I had a chance to ask Stephen Morgan, EVP at Epifany, about their solution and trends he is noticing. 

How does Epifany stand out from the competition? 

Consumer surveys are usually static: ask the same questions to everyone. Epifany does not follow that approach. Businesses have different segments. A “hardcore” consumer is going to provide different feedback than a “first time” consumer, so how much insight are you missing if you ask everyone the same questions? Surveys need to be a two-way street. Consumers need to know they have been heard and be incentivized for providing their time. Businesses should be responding and rewarding their consumers with custom offers tailored to their needs. Epifany is built for exactly that level of engagement.    

What are some interesting metrics that you’ve observed when it comes to NPS?

We have seen numerous trends develop along NPS scores and how they relate to specific consumer segments. For example, with one partner we have seen a 10-20 point NPS difference between “new members'' and “pre-existing members”. What is great about Epifany is we are able to take our analysis one step further, and with our proprietary natural language processor tool track these scores along with qualitative feedback, getting a better understanding of why these scores are different. With a better understanding of what new members are focused on, relative to members who have been around for longer, we are able to help our partners focus on specific areas of improvement. 

Where is Epifany headed with its software? 

As a survey company we are not afraid to ask our partners how we can improve (shocking)! Typically, we operate in the “known universe” of our partners' business. They have known consumers, and we engage them for feedback. However, we recently launched a new Lead Generation tool that asks prospective buyers questions that can then be used to help close sales. We are thrilled with the data we are seeing so far and are excited to be able to help top of funnel efforts for our partners. One of our partners has increased their inbound sales efforts 2x since the Lead Generation tool was added to their website.  

What type of business is the perfect fit for Epifany and why? 

The best partner for Epifany is one who is truly invested in learning from its customers. Given our flexibility, there is no vertical or business type that “fits'' better than the rest. What is most important is leadership teams who understand the value this data can provide and are willing to take the time to put the right processes in place. All business types can benefit from better understanding consumer preferences and feedback. 


Epifany is integrated with Perkville so that consumers can automatically be rewarded loyalty points for completing surveys leading to significantly better survey completion rates.