GymSales powered by ABC and Perkville now integrate to create a seamless flow of referrals from one platform to another. Mutual clients can benefit from two of the top fitness brands working together.

Integration details

Once you capture a referral in Perkville, that prospect will sync to GymSales where you can put them into an automated follow-up schedule, eventually turning them into a loyal member. Also, when a referral flows from Perkville to GymSales, the person who referred them stays attached so you always know who referred whom. 

GymSales is a sales team enablement and lead management solution for health clubs and fitness studios.

How to connect GymSales and Perkville

Health clubs and fitness studios should work with GymSales to set up this integration. To get in touch with their team click→ here.

About Perkville

Perkville offers a way to create and manage your customer loyalty and referral program. We automate the experience by integrating to point of sale, scheduling and membership systems and now GymSales.

About GymSales powered by ABC

GymSales powered by ABC is a sales team enablement and lead management solution that enables clubs to grow their membership and surpass sales goals using a disciplined approach. Developed for the fitness industry, GymSales provides clubs the tools needed to capture, nurture, and convert new members with a planned cadence of calls, emails and texts. 

GymSales is an ABC Fitness Solutions company, the premier provider of software and related services for the health and fitness industry.