When a gym is doing something right, the numbers speak volumes.  This is true for Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club where we saw registered members in their loyalty program take an average of 12 classes versus 3 classes for non-members over 60-days.  Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club was launched in 1996 just outside of Edmonton in St. Albert, Alberta.  SVAC has over 1,500 club members and occupies 22,000 sq ft.  

“We discovered Perkville while participating in a MINDBODY webinar on retention and felt like we had won the lottery!  We’ve always offered a substantial member rewards program and acknowledged referrals but both were administered manually (huge labor and paper cost), plus it had become top heavy and unsustainable with many long term members reaping $200+ worth of services in a progressive rewards format.  Our jaws kept dropping as we learned more about Perkville and how it also incorporated a social media-marketing component, which would expose us to new prospective clients that we never dreamed of.  Plus we loved how Perkville is low maintenance and highly efficient both for us and for our clients,” said Christine.

Currently 422 SVAC members are actively earning points and they have already received over a hundred Facebook and Twitter comments from members sharing their experiences since joining in the summer.

“I found myself raving about Perkville with business associates at Chamber of Commerce meetings and cannot believe that more MINDBODY clients in the Edmonton region have not jumped on the Perkville bandwagon! We see it as having HUGE potential – both internally and externally!” said Christine.

Good luck–you guys are onto a great start!