We recently caught up with some businesses using EZ Facility. One of these businesses was Skybox Studio Fitness, a spinning studio in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Heather Mills is their founder and our conversation with her reminded us about how important it is to have a support system to help pursue a healthier, more active life.

Heather’s values can be seen in how she runs her business as well as her loyalty program.  “I’ve been really lucky to be able to support spin students through our rewards program that is integrated with EZ Facility. As a small-business owner, it was important for me to stretch the dollar. I researched rewards and loyalty plans and found Perkville to be the most affordable and effective way to reward attendance and accountability.”

“I love the social media component of Perkville. It’s helpful to see what students are saying about the classes and I like seeing all the ways members keep each other accountable and maintain good habits,” says Heather.

Heather’s passion for teaching and fitness is contagious and she actively teaches her students about wellness. She rewards good nutrition in addition to cycling and staying active. “Nutrition is the other half of the equation. Just last week, I told one of my students to text a picture of her healthy dinner to me and I rewarded her for her the text below.”


It’s easy to reward members and tweek rewards, similar to what Heather did using Perkville. Meaningful, fun rewards are often the most effective.


You can learn more about Skybox Studio and Heather’s incredible story here.