We caught up with Tina Sprinkle owner and founder of a very active MINDBODY studio, Pilates 1901 in Kansas City. Over 155 clients (approximately 35% of all students) are active in their rewards program and are on their way to earning a free class, training appointment or goody bag.

The students in rewards program are not only more active, but over 25% have recommended friends. Clients referred through Perkville take several classes and often become a regular.

Tina said that the goal of each class is to “Teach people how to create movement rather than react to movement.  Pilates helps students connect with their strength and flexibility —from the core outward.”

“Perkville is another way for us to market and leverage our position in the marketplace.  I love rewarding our clients for their patronage and support—it’s a win-win.”

“It’s a way for us to be accessible, provide a fun to workout, and build community,” said Tina.  

Pilates 1901 has strengthened its community through utilization of the social media features on Perkville by rewarding Facebook and Twitter activity. They have over 70 recommendations or comments.  These social forums help Pilates 1901 keep open communication with clients beyond the studio to student-hosted grocery stores ‘healthy shopping field trips’ and happy hours with carrot cocktails.


They also have an online version of their very popular Pilates Fat Loss program.  Click here for a preview.