Today we’re excited to feature a yoga studio that’s as fun as its name– ‘Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse’ (FBYH). Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse set growth records in Grand Rapids, Michigan within months of opening. They were the first hot power yoga studio in the area and have since been named one of America’s fastest growing yoga studios.


We saw this growth first hand last month when FBYH reached 2,000 students on Perkville. The students using Perkville took 140% more classes over 3 months than other students. That’s 10 classes versus 4 classes! We spoke with Chris Reinbold who opened the studio with his wife Kerri about what he attributes to their success.

“Students are really excited and engaged in the studio because of the vibe and culture here. We promote our culture through our classes and in how we reach out to get students into the studio. Perkville helps us engage with current and potential new students without us having to do much,” said Chris.

“I knew after learning about Perkville at the April MINDBODY conference last year that Perkville would be great for our business. I didn’t even wait until I got back home to Michagan to start the program. I sent out a blast right away and told my studio manager that day that we started a rewards program,” recalls Chris.

“Perkville is so easy to use. It integrates with MINDBODY—and students automatically get email updates, promotions and rewards,” said Chris. Chris designed handouts detailing the pricing of yoga classes on one side and the perks of Perkville for students on the other. “Every new student receives one of these handouts and there are always extras on the counter,” said Carrie Labarge, a yoga advisor at FBYH. See the rewards handout to the left below.


“We use the referral deal and the win back promotion—both promotions have worked well for us as seen in our stats,” said Chris.  

Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse had 170 referrals that generated over 1,000 transactions as of April 2012. “Life takes people different directions and we know that, but with Perkville we’re able to reach out to them when they’re ready,” said Chris. FBYH used Perkville’s win back promotion to get over 400 customers to return.

“FBYH is a community made up interactive students. We currently have aSpring 30 Day Dare going on where students get rewarded to take a yoga class everyday with points as well as the opportunity to win an ipad. Many Perkville students have been taking on this challenge since classes count for 3 points each and students can redeem and use points towards current memberships, packages, individual classes or a even highly coveted ‘FUNK YEAH’ t-shirt. These shirt are badges of honor declaring that one is a funky yogi,” said Carrie. With Perkville, you can change your rewards to motivate your customers at any time—it’s simple to do.