EZIA Human Performance is an industry leader in delivering results-driven athletic programs, while educating clients on the benefits of an active lifestyle. They have a  “Human Performance Lab” in Carlsbad, CA, where they combine fitness training (personal and small group) with physical therapy and nutritional education and planning.

“Our ESP Program is comprised of 6 different levels, similar to the color-coded karate belt system. There is room for everyone to progress in our program, from youth athletes and their grandparents, to Olympians coming off of surgery and corporate executives. We like to say that our program meets you where you are and encourages and enables you to live an active lifestyle!” said Gaelan Truyman, Community Manager of EZIA.

“Our workouts are already gamified but we wanted to find a way to tie attendance, yelp reviews, check in’s, and recommendations to a rewards system. Perkville is the perfect solution as it already integrates with our other software, Listen360 and MINDBODY.  It’s super easy to use from a customer and administration process, cost effective, and our members LOVE it!”

“We encourage our members to use MINDBODY ONLINE to sign up for class (and take themselves out if they can’t make) so that was one of the first rewards we set up. For every session or therapy visit attended, we rewarded points.  We also like our staff’s schedules to be set up at least a month in advance, which encourages accountability. The social networking perks (Facebook/Twitter) was a no brainer!”

“One of our most successful Perkville stories has been with one of our members tweeting about us 3 times a week to over 60,000 twitter followers. Tracy receives a Perkville email every time she completes a session reminding her to make a social post. She is a member who really gets the science behind our program and has been able to communicate her development and success in 140 characters or less. We even created a blog post with all of her tweets and we couldn’t have done it without Perkville!”

We saw Tracy’s twitter feed via Perkville displayed on the EZIA website here:http://www.eziahp.com/tracys-twitter-testimonial


“We just received new headbands in our retail store and members started asking if they could use their Perkville points instead of purchasing them. That was the proof that Perkville really works and it’s a win-win for both them and us!”  http://statigr.am/p/434971581632157135_28716220