In an effort to understand our merchant needs, we’ve been reaching out to businesses. We want to know if Perkville has helped and how we can improve.  

We recently spoke with Dirty Dogs founder and owner, Salomon Btesh. Salomon founded Dirty Dogs to be a one-stop-shop for pets—providing healthy nutritional foods, cage-free grooming, self-service washing facilities and a wide range of accessories.  


When we asked Salomon about his initial thoughts on setting up Perkville, he said that Perkville integrates nicely with MerchantOS which made it easy for him to use and also easy for his customers since they don’t need to carry a card to participate.

For the month of January, Dirty Dogs customers that joined their Perkville reward program spent 16% more than other customers ($74 vs. $62 each). To date 1149 Dirty Dog owners have joined the program and they have promoted Dirty Dogs over 100 times on Facebook.  

When asked about what Perkville could do better, Dirty Dogs mentioned that they wanted to see more reward options. For instance, if they want to reward customers with a specially made dog tag or dog toy.  

Good news! This is already possible with Perkville. Businesses can customize their rewards by clicking ‘edit’ on the “Profile” page.