A Pilates studio that is continuing to inspire clients well past February is Coreology Fitness. Coreology Fitness is a MINDBODY boutique studio in Rolling Hills Estates, California that offers several different small group personal training sessions.  “We offer a high intensity Pilates class performed on the Megaformer™ machine that combines Pilates principles with strength training and cardio benefits. It’s unlike any other class out there!” said Sarah Martz, founder of Coreology.


Sarah was unsatisfied with the quality of other gyms and workouts and really wanted to create a space where people could come get the very best workouts in a positive small group environment where clients come to set and achieve goals.

“We found out about Perkville through one of our clients who used it at a different local business and suggested we check it out. We love how effortlessly it works with MINDBODY, it is easy for us to integrate and our clients love the fact that their hard work is rewarded with free classes and other perks,” said Sarah.


Over 30% of all Coreology members are active participants that earn points in their rewards program. Moreover, 105 customers recommended their business on Perkville which resulted in new customers taking advantage of their referral deal. In this manner, they are able to keep folks accountable to their resolutions, and bring in friends to do the same.