We’re dedicating this post to ‘betsy & iya’ as they just celebrated their 1-year brick and mortar anniversary and gave double Perkville points all day. “We’re getting a great response to the Perks we set up.  We’re always excited by a fun and creative way to reward our loyal customers,” said Betsy Cross designer and co-owner.

“We started off in 2008 as a jewelry line in a 125 sq. ft studio.  Actually, there was no “we” back then.  It was just Betsy.  Little by little, she grew the company, picking up wholesale accounts and loyal retail customers online.  Two studios later, in August of 2011, we opened a beautiful brick and mortar retail store with an open studio in the back where all our jewelry is still made.  When we opened the new shop, we stocked it with our jewelry as well as the work of independent artists and designers who we’ve met along the way,” said Will Cervarich, the co-founder.


“When we opened our store, we didn’t have a POS.  We wrote sales down on a clipboard and Will built a Google spreadsheet that we manually entered sales into every evening.  We knew we needed something else to track inventory.  We started looking for a POS that would connect with our existing Shopify site and landed on Vend.  We discovered Perkville a few months later and it was a no brainer to sign up,” said Betsy.  

Today, over 44% of their customers are active in their loyalty program and earn points on their purchases.

“We get inspiration from all over the place.  Our most recent line, Bridge, is inspired by bridge architecture.  We’ve always worked hard to make beautiful, well-made, and well-designed jewelry that is accessible to many types of customers.  The other products we select for the store are all made in the United States, and often by the hands that dreamt the product up.  We look for products that speak to us, that we find beautiful or unique, are priced fairly, and that fit with our aesthetic,” said Betsy.

You can find their shop in beautiful Portland, Oregon fully stocked with jewelry, clothing, and other home accessories or you can check them out online here.