You might have stumbled upon one of the four Balisi boutiques if you’ve shopped in Toronto, Canada.  

Balisi opened it’s doors in 2006 when Rehlee Balisi and Cory Kierstead launched their first store.  Now they have four stores in the area as well as an online store.  As sales grew, Balisi started looking into various POS systems and decided to go with Vend, who Perkville integrated with.


“We all love using Vend.  Vend has allowed us to reduce administrative work and managers are now focused on the number one priority of driving sales,” said Cory.

“In fact, we found out about Perkville through Vend.  We used a manual loyalty program for quite some time, however as we grew it became more and more challenging to ensure everyone was receiving the rewards they deserved.  When our POS provider highlighted Perkville and indicated it was an automated solution that would link into Vend, it was a no brainer to give it a try,” said Cory.

“Loyalty with Perkville has definitely built word of mouth advertising.  People are referring us to their friends via Perkville and they are also proud of their rewards and come back to use them with a smile,” said Cory.

Balisi currently has 1300+ customers earning points and 400+ people have been recommended to Balisi through Perkville.  This is no wonder considering Balisi’s loyal customers have the option of redeeming points for designer earrings (see the image below) or for credit towards future purchases.


Balisi has killer style instincts and carries brands I’ve never heard of before, but fell in love with instantly in the store. (Think United Nude, John Fluevog, Fly London, Jump, Miz Mooz and Melissa Nepton!)  

Stay tuned as Balisi stylist Sarah Sowerby follows up this post with 6 styling tips for this Fall!