All of your members (and even those people who aren't quite your members yet) are currently planning their personal revamp for the new year. If you own or operate a gym, January is a great time for you to incorporate some business changes of your own.

If you’re looking to up the ante in your health club in 2017, think about testing out some of these new tactics in January.

Bring Video into Your Marketing

Video has taken over almost every social media channel you’re on – so it’s about time you start using it for your gym. Whether you prefer Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories or even local commercials, you can use video to further your marketing efforts by showcasing the machines and classes available at your gym, relaying success stories to prospective members, or running promotions and contests.

Videos are shareable, snackable and generally more successful than other forms of marketing or social media. They can be used in your social media posts as highly engaging content to get your prospects and members interacting with you, as well as social media ads to show off your facility, classes, machines and more.

Start with the following videos and repurpose them across your social channels and other marketing efforts.

  • The member testimonial montage: Grab a handful of your members and have them tell the camera what they love about your gym
  • The workout sequence: Post 1-2 minute videos on social with sample workout regimes to get your members interested in coming in
  • The relatable (funny) moment: Spoof a common gym faux pas to teach members and prospects about proper club etiquette

Even if you’re just snapping funny moments at your gym, incorporating video into your social media and marketing strategies will help you get more eyes on your brand and engage with your members when they aren’t at your gym.

Put an Emphasis on Referrals

In case you haven’t heard, referrals are (still) the easiest and most cost effective way to bring new members into your gym. With the new year spurring even more people to consider their options for help on their summer bods, running a referral program can help steer them in your club’s direction.

Start by offering your current members an incentive to tell their friends about your gym. Whether your referral program is handled manually or automatically through your rewards program, offering points in your rewards program or a discounted month membership can help motivate your members to help your growth numbers.

That said, your referral offer needs to be worth it to your prospects. Offer them a free three-day membership or a free week at your gym so that they can learn about (and experience) all your amenities, machines, classes and more.

Get Techie

Fitness technologies are cropping up almost weekly, making it easier for your members to hit their goals and measure their success along the way. If you want to get ahead of other clubs, it’s time you incorporated some of these new technologies into your memberships.

Some ideas for technology to incorporate in your gym include:

  • A customizable, automated rewards program to gamify your member engagement
  • Heart rate monitors such as those from MYZONE or FITMETRIX
  • Recovery technology to keep your members’ muscles in top form

No matter what technology you bring in to your gym, make sure that it’s easily accessible to your members and that all of the components connect to each other. For example, your heart rate monitors could help your members earn points in your rewards program by hitting specific milestones during their workout.

What new tactics are you incorporating into your gym in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.