Sometimes, no matter how popular your business is, there can be a lull during certain times of day, days of the week or even whole seasons.

That’s why we created the Time Bonus feature, which allows you to automatically offer bonus points to your customers during times that you specify.

Want to see it in action? Here are some ways that real Perkville customers are using the Time Bonus feature to bring in more customers, increase revenue and boost customer engagement.

Make a day (or week, or month) out of it

Choose a day of the week and offer double points for anyone who comes in that day. Massage Emporium, a wellness center that specializes in massage, hosts “Two for Tuesdays”, where any customer can earn double the Perkville points for coming in for a massage or esthetics appointment. Doubling up points for a day – whether every week or just for a special occasion – can give you the boost in revenue you need to hit your goals.

On the other hand, you can give bonus points for specific weeks or months that align with your business’s ethos. Yogaworks made this happen by offering double points during the month of September for Community Appreciation Month.

Tackle your off-peak hours

Strategically offer bonuses for those times that your business is often the slowest. By bringing in people during your off-peak hours, you’re not only incentivizing them to try out new classes that they might end up loving, but you’re also spreading your attendance out so that each class is consistently filled. Sanctuary Yoga Pilates Fitness accomplishes this by offering triple (!!!) points during one-hour blocks each day, especially during times that are often slower for a yoga studio, such as mid-morning.

Clear some inventory

Pair double points with a weekend sale to bring in more customers. Sales are a great way to draw a crowd to your business, but pairing double or triple points with a sale can help you get even more people in the door to clear out inventory, boost revenue or just celebrate a holiday. Both Goal Kick Sport Goods and The Studio (MDR) have offered limited-time time bonuses (double or triple points) to help popularize their sale.

Boost new class attendance with your customer rewards program

Jump start a new class by offering bonus points for attending. If you’re offering a new type of class, or just a new time for a long-time favorite, it helps to get people interested by adding a time bonus to that class for a month or two. Fit Works does this currently by offering double Perkville points for anyone that attends their 9 a.m. classes on Thursday mornings. By getting more people into your new class each week, you can get more feedback on whether or not the new class format is enjoyable without sacrificing attendance.

There are many ways to use the time bonus to boost attendance, revenue and customer engagement. Start with whichever one of the above examples works best with your business.

How are you using the time bonus in your business? Let us know in the comments below.