Periodically collecting feedback from customers about your loyalty program will provide tips to improve your program. Here are three ways to collect feedback:

1. Send customers a survey

One of the easier ways to collect feedback on your rewards program is through a short survey. You can ask customers to answer a short survey by setting up a poll on social media, like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or by sending a survey via text or email. Feel free to download our example survey questions at the end of this post.

2. Ask customers when they come into your business

Your employees are already discussing your loyalty program with customers at your place of business. They’re likely asking, “Are you a member of our rewards program?” For customers that answer “yes,” ask them if they’re interested in receiving a gift for providing 2-minutes worth of feedback on your loyalty program. Giving customers an idea of how long the process will take and an incentive to participate are key components. Incentives can be a special prize, such as a 10% off coupon, or you can double the amount of points that the customer earned that day.

3. Set up a focus group

Ask a few customers to participate in a 30-minute focus group and offer an incentive for them to participate. Make the experience enjoyable by having snacks and refreshments, and keep the tone light and casual.  Create a list of questions to ask and keep track of responses. You might consider recording the session for easy reference.