At Perkville we love to bring you the latest and greatest in fitness industry news. That's why we’re excited to tell you about FitNation October 3-4, 2019 in Amsterdam. Here are three reasons you should attend this year:

Get inspired

They will have influential keynote speakers from all over the world as well as workshops, roundtables sessions, success stories and the latest tech innovations.  Attendees will enjoy a full-day program with options to connect with more than 300 high profile fitness professionals including speakers such as Bonita Norris (youngest women to climb the Everest). The event will be capped off with a party of course.

Visit Amsterdam

From its earliest days, Amsterdam has been a bustling hub of commerce that welcomed other cultures with open arms. Known as the "Venice of the North", you’ll be able to enjoy this lovely canal-side city.

Beautiful venue

The event will be hosted in the Amsterdam Postillion Conference Center, the newest, state of the art convention centre in the Netherlands. An eye-catching location with the most innovative technological facilities, complete with flexible workspaces. Ideally located, close to motorways and with sufficient parking.

For more information and tickets go to https://fitnation.co