Creating a loyalty program for your gym members doesn't have to be hard. Here are three key things you can do to run your program smoothly.

Train your staff on how your gym loyalty program works

Customers will naturally have questions about your loyalty program and look to employees for guidance. This is where training your staff members comes into play. The front desk, managers, and sales team alike should know how to:

  • Explain how the program works
  • Answer questions that members have
  • Tell members about related promotions or challenges that are happening at the gym

This will help your team talk about the loyalty program in a consistent way. And each staff member will be equipped to provide good customer service when members need help.

How to train your staff members

Create a Webinar

Many people are visual learners, so something as simple as a webinar can be helpful in training staff members. You can host a webinar and have a recorded version available for those who can’t attend. With a recording your staff can review the training as often as necessary. And you can reuse it when onboarding new employees in the future.

Do a contest

If you want to go the extra mile, you can hold a staff contest with prizes. This option works best at multi-location fitness clubs. For example, the location with the most registered members gets a pizza party. Contests are effective because they're fun for staff members, but more importantly, they motivate them to promote your program.

Gym trainer helps a client doing push ups.
Caption: Employees should be able to answer questions that gym members have about your rewards program.

Marketing to enroll new members in your gym loyalty program

The second must-have for a successful gym loyalty program is marketing. Members need to know about the program and how it works. The best way to do this is to talk about the loyalty program during your new member onboarding process. By doing so, you can:

  • Engage gym members with your rewards program early
  • Enroll more people in your program
  • Get more referrals early in their membership

How to market your gym loyalty program to new customers

You can include information about the loyalty program in your new member welcome package. For example, a flyer that explains the benefits of joining, and a sign-up link or form. Other marketing ideas to consider are…

  • Creating a landing page about your loyalty program on your website
  • Including a program sign-up link in new member welcome emails
  • Promoting the loyalty program in your social media posts

Feel free to use these templates as starting points when you are ready:

Challenges and promotions to keep new and existing members engaged with your gym loyalty program

Finally, you need to keep members engaged with your loyalty program. This can be done by running promotions and challenges. Promotions and challenges…

  • Gamify the customer experience while helping you achieve your business goals
  • Give gym members something exciting to look forward to
  • Can be easily implemented with loyalty program software

Challenge ideas

New Member Challenge

A challenge based on activities a customer completes in their first 30 days of membership. Encourage them to do things in this time period that will result in improving their membership tenure. We recommend making the challenge very achievable for a large percent of your new members, but enough to get them engaged.

Seasonal challenge

Many challenges are seasonal and take advantage of holiday themes such as a “Thanksgiving challenge” to encourage exercise to work off Thanksgiving dinner or or a “Summer challenge” to encourage attendance when people are typically outside.

Challenges for different types of members

Target challenges at different segments of your membership.  For example, a winback challenge to re-engage members who are at risk of canceling their membership. Or a challenge targeted at insurance members to boost their attendance and resultant insurance revenue. Health clubs can use loyalty program software like Perkville to create challenges that target different segments of members.

Mobile view of a in-club fitness challenges for new members.
Fitness clubs can run challenges to increase customer loyalty. Reward programs like Perkville can automate these challenges.

Promotion ideas

Promotion bonus

You choose a date range where specific activities are worth more loyalty points. For example, if you want more referrals during January, you can attach a promotion bonus to your referral earning activity so that customers earn 2x or 3x the number of points that month for referring friends that join.

Frequency bonus

Reward regular attendance to help keep members consistently visiting your gym by offering a “Frequency bonus” if they work out a certain number of times per week or month.  For example, “Check in five times in a month”s and earn an extra 50 points.”

Time bonus

Reward members that come in during specific times of the day to shift traffic from busy times to slower times.

Mobile screenshot of bonus points promotions for a gym loyalty program.
Gym owners can keep their rewards program relevant and engaging by running promotions.

Create an effective rewards program

By following these three steps, health club owners can set their loyalty programs up for success. For more tips on how to increase retention in the fitness industry, check out these blog posts:

Desktop view of a gym loyalty program.
Improve customer retention and increase revenue with a loyalty program.

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