Incentive Rewards, powered by FitRewards, recently partnered with Perkville to offer name brand rewards that members can redeem their points for. Why? Because choice matters and the rewards you offer in your member engagement program will yield better results if they are exciting!

By adding the Incentive Rewards catalog to your Perkville Program members can pick from a variety of name brand items when they are ready to redeem a reward. The best part is that Incentive Rewards will take care of shipping the item to your members’ doorstep, so you don’t need to carry any inventory. There is no cost to add the catalog and no set up time on your end.

To celebrate our new partnership, we’re encouraging all Perkville Clients to add the Incentive Rewards Catalog to their Perkville Rewards Program. There are no set up fees, no inventory, and no hassle to get started. Even more exciting, the first 5 Perkville Clients to add the Incentive Rewards catalog will get their 1st $500 in catalog redemptions free.

Impressive rewards are the cornerstone of your program. You want the results, Right? Referrals, Retention and more Club Spending? Then you must incentivize the member to drive those behaviors. You can’t do it with a smoothie and a water bottle alone. Point based rewards programs can generate a favorable ROI when you have two things going for you. 1. Superior technology, which Perkville takes care of. 2. A Catalog of reward choices that motivates and excites the member. Treat your members to a rewards and loyalty program that will build loyalty. Choice matters.

The first five clients to reach out to us will receive $500 in reward credit. To add the Incentive Rewards Catalog or to learn more, Contact Pam Ozoroski, or 1-888-762-8156.

*Incentive Catalog available to US based programs.

Pamela Ozoroski

Director of New Business, Incentive Rewards