We spoke with Greg Bott about his journey to owning Z Fit Studio. This boutique studio in Fenton, MO is known for its non-intimidating and fun workout atmosphere. Greg is the new owner who has not only maintained that charm, but is also spearheading tremendous growth at the business. Here is his story.

Tell us about you and your business.

I’m a new business owner in the health and wellness industry. I’ve owned Z Fit Studio since September 2017. The studio itself has been around since 2011. Z Fit has a stable client base and a working  business model. So when it came up for sale, my wife and I welcomed the opportunity to buy it.

Before Z Fit, I worked in various industries including as a Field Service Technician, in real estate, and car restoration. I didn’t anticipate buying the studio and was just a client at the time. It just so happened I had been on a sabbatical and looking to go back to the workforce when the opportunity presented itself. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

You relaunched Perkville since taking ownership at Z Fit. How was that process?

I knew there was an untapped opportunity with Perkville that could help take Z Fit to the next level. My Customer Success Representative was wonderful in assisting with the relaunch. She walked me through how to structure the program more towards our marketing and social media goals. I like how professional Z Fit Rewards looks and operates now. The clients love it too!

What are your business goals for the next six months?

I plan to continue investing in Z Fit to make it an even higher quality facility. The studio is already seeing signs of growth from the investments we’ve made so far. In the last two months alone we gained 234 new clients!

Another goal is to grow merchandise sales. We’re aiming to generate $120,000- $130,000 in totals sales in 2018. It’s an aggressive number, but class sales have already taken off, so merchandise revenue seems like the next opportunity for growth. We integrated Perkville into our strategy by offering $5 and $25 credits as rewards which customers can use towards retail.

What investments in the studio do you attribute to your growth?

The cosmetic updates and freshening up of the atmosphere have gone a long way. Don’t underestimate what fresh paint can do for your business. Being a hands-on business owner has helped with growth too. Also, since late October we’ve been selling merchandise such as apparel which is generating more revenue.