In case you missed it, January’s season of goal setting and “new year, new me” is still going strong, even if some of the most well-meaning folks slipped up.

And for businesses like yours, January was probably a month where new faces came walking through the door, each with their own reason for coming into your studio, gym, spa or salon. Aligning your goals with your customers’ goals can actually help you improve your retention rates and overall engagement between your business and your customers.

Here’s how you can get started today.

Talk to Your Customers Directly About What They Want

We often focus on what we think our clients want instead of actually asking them for their feedback and motivations behind coming into our businesses. When we do this, we’re leaving an incredibly important resource on the table: our customer’s reasons for coming back to us.

By asking your customers what they are looking to gain from their relationship with your business – whether it’s mental wellbeing, a specific fitness goal, or even a new look – you’re showing them that you’re invested in helping them reach their goals. With this “we’re all in this together” mentality, your customers are more likely to continue coming into your business, even if it’s less convenient than other options, simply because they know that you’re interested in their lives.

Send out a survey asking your customers what they like about your business, what they’d like to see changed, and if there’s anything in particular that really drives them to visit you. When you know what these goals are, you can tweak not only your marketing and services, but also your larger business goals, to match with theirs.

For example, if a majority of your customers are coming into your business for a one-and-done goal, you can focus more of your efforts on getting them to refer their friends or in bringing new prospects in. On the other hand, if your customers are looking to make long-term changes through repeated visits, then your focus should move to emphasizing retention so your clients can reach their goals, as well as highlighting their successes.

Give Them Incentives To Keep Coming Back

Now that you’ve figured out what your customers want from their relationship with your business, it’s time to help them achieve that. More often than not, goals are oriented around developing habits, which means coming into your business more often. Lucky for you, the more your customers come into your business, the more they contribute to your bottom line. That said, it often helps to add your own motivational tools to your business to help your customers get closer and closer to their goals.

For example, if you have a loyalty program, you can incentivize your customers to come in more often through points and rewards. Customer reward programs are built just for that, and by tailoring yours to your clients’ goals, you can further increase your ability to retain them.

A great way to help your clients reach their goals is to implement a frequency bonus into your current rewards program, or as it’s own stand-alone component of your business. With a frequency bonus, you can offer points, rewards, discounts, and more to those customers of yours that come in a certain number of times a week or a month. This not only helps them make your business a habit (and therefore reach their goals even more quickly), but it also acts as a built-in retention tool. Once your customers hit a bonus, they’re going to want to continue to receive those extra points or that discount every month, meaning that they continue to stick with you over the competition.

Another way to help your clients reach your goals is to offer incentives or specials during specific hours of the day. Say that one of your customers’ goals is to get to more of your morning classes as part of their morning routine, or to get to the gym at lunchtime. By giving them a little something back (in the form of rewards program points or other prizes) for getting out of bed early and showing up, they’re much more likely to continue working toward their goal. The best part for you? Getting your customers in the door at hours that you might need more foot traffic.

Retaining your customers doesn’t have to be a game of tug of war. By aligning your goals with those of your customers, you can reach your retention numbers while your customers continue to see results and grow happier with your business.